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Document Tags
Structure Tags Uses
< HTML> ..... < /HTML> Indicates HTML format--begins each document
< HEAD> ...... < /HEAD> Information for browser; not displayed in document
< TITLE> ...... < /TITLE> Title displayed on title bar browser; name on bookmarks
< BODY> ...... < /BODY> Contains data displayed in document
Formating Tags Uses
< H1> ......< /H1> through < H6> ......< /H6> First-level heading used at the beginning of a document
< BR> Line break: does not generate blank line
< P> Indicates paragraph beginning: does generate blank line
< HR> Horizontal rule (line)
< ADDRESS> ...... < /ADDRESS> Addresses; displayed in italics
< BLOCKQUOTE> ..... < /BLOCKQUOTE> Quotation; indents
< CITE> ...... < /CITE> citation; generally italics
< PRE> .....< /PRE> Preformatted text; appears exactly as typed
Lists Uses
< OL> ......
< /OL>
Order list (1,2...) Netscape allows letters, roman numerals and where to begin
< UL> ......
< /UL>
Unordered list; uses bullets, etc
< LI> List item (use with < OL> or < UL> ); indented
< DL> ......
< /DL>
Descriptive list
< DT> Descriptive title
< DD> Descriptive data; indented with wordwrap
Character formatting Uses
< EM> ...... < /EM> Emphasis; usually italics
< STRONG> ...... < /STRONG> Stronger emphasis; usually bold
< I> ...... < /I> italics
< B> ...... < /B> bold
Hypermedia Tags
Hyperlinks Uses
< A HREF="#target"> word/phrase < /A> Hyperlinks from a word/phrase to a specified named location (target) within the same document
< A NAME="target"> word/phrase < /A> Indicates the destination (target) linked to within a document
< A HREF="URL"> word/phrase < /A> Hyperlinks from the word/phrase to the beginning of another document at a specified URL
< A HREF="URL#target"> word/phrase < /A > Hyperlinks from the word/phrase to a named destination (target) in another document at the specified URL
Images Uses
< IMG SRC="URL"> Displays in-line specified image (on the same line as the text)
< IMG ALIGN=RIGHT/CENTER/LEFT SRC="URL"> Display the specified image on the right/center/left side of document with single line of text. If text following the image concludes with a corresponding tag < BR CLEAR=RIGHT/CENTER/LEFT>, the text will wrap around the image
< IMG VSPACE/HSPACE="number in pixels" SRC="URL"> Creates a buffer vertical/horizontal white space equal to the number in pixels.
< IMG BORDER="number in pixels" SRC="URL"> Creates a border the color of the text equal to the number in pixels.
Note: combine the above in any way necessary by inserting tag between < IMG.......SRC="URL" > i.e.:< IMG BORDER=2 ALIGN=LEFT VSPACE=15 HSPACE=5 SRC="URL">
Audio Uses
< A HREF="URL (.au)"> audio name < /A> Hyperlinks to named audio recording--launches appropriate application if available on users computer
Video Uses
< A HREF="URL (.mov)"> video name< /A> Hyperlinks to named video--launches appropriate application if available on users computer



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